It was confirmed by Colin Grove that if the Airport was to pursue increased freight activity it will be subject to rigorous regulatory approvals, including a comprehensive Master Plan process and a Major Development Plan which will only be submitted following an extensive public consultation process.

The next draft Master Plan is due to be submitted in February 2013.

The Airport Consultative Group was also informed the Airport was awaiting the release of the Sydney Basin Aviation Capacity Study, which has been commissioned by the Federal and State Governments.  If the study suggests an increased role for the Airport in the Sydney Basin, then a full technical feasibility assessment of the expanded freight operations may be undertaken.

The study would review the Airport facilities, airspace management and road traffic management matters in relation to accommodating increased freight operations. CEO Colin Grove emphasised to the Airport Consultative Group that the Airport is obligated and committed to undertake and participate in an open, and transparent consultation process with the community and other relevant stakeholders.

“The Airport management team will continue to outline its plans with the Bankstown Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group, as well as the general public through its ongoing communication programs.” for full copy of the article. for a copy of the Banstown Airport press realse