Jetstar Airlines, a subsidiary of Qantas Airlines, have announced an extra 44 weekly flights to various Australian destinations.  By April 2012 there will be an extra 15,800 extra domestic seats available a week. A new A320 will be based in Victoria and another in Queensland.


Jetstar will introduce a 12th daily Sydney-Gold Coast service and an extra three weekly Adelaide-Perth services. Melbourne-Sydney travel will be boosted by two extra daily return flights, while an extra three flights a week to Launceston will help stimulate Tasmanian tourism, in addition to the record capacity Jetstar is currently running into Hobart. Adelaide and Brisbane will also receive more flights from Melbourne.

Holidaymakers seeking time in the sun will be offered more flights to Queensland, including four new return services to each of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Cairns.

The ramping up of domestic services sits alongside Jetstar’s recent increase of international flights during the peak summer period.

Summary of additional domestic flights

Route                                              New Schedule                                      
Melbourne-Gold Coast                 53 per week (4 extra weekly)                   
Melbourne-Launceston                Up to 31 per week (3 extra weekly)         
Melbourne-Sydney                       8 daily (2 extra services daily)                 
Melbourne-Perth                          21 per week (3 extra weekly)                    
Melbourne-Brisbane                    24 per week (3 extra weekly)                    
Sydney-Gold Coast                      84 per week (extra daily)  
Adelaide-Perth                             10 per week (3 extra weekly)                      
Melbourne-Adelaide                    24 per week (3 extra weekly)                     
Melbourne-Cairns                        Up to 25 per week (4 extra weekly)