The Minister for Infrastruture and Transport, Mr Anthony Albanese, has released the  Master Plan for the Gold Coast Airport to cover the next 20 years. 

The plan places requirements on the airport authorities to better engage with the local population in relation to noise other enviromental factors.   The Master Plan also outlines major investment in aviation infrastructure over the coming years to make sure the Airport is capable of handling increased traffic from the 2018 Commonwealth Games and other major events.

Gold Coast Airport is a significant employer and contributor to economic development in south east Queensland and far northern NSW. Mr Albanese notes over the next 20 years Gold Coast Airport forecasts that it will create nearly 2,500 full-time jobs, contribute almost $768 million to the economy and help bring nearly 5.5 million tourists and visitors to the region.

The Gold Coast Airport's Master Plan is the first to be approved under the Government's strengthened legislative requirements for airport master planning. These more stringent, new requirements means the Master Plan now includes:

  • a ground transport plan;
  • more detailed information on developments in the first 5 years; and
  • an integrated environment strategy. for copy of the media release. link to the Master Plan (when loaded onto the airport web site).