This week in Australia has seen a flurry of announcements from various airlines to commence or increase air services to serveral Australian cities.

A quick summary of the announcements are

  • Qantas have announced increasing the capacity on the Sydney-Dallas route and the Melbourne-Perth route.  From 1 July Qantas will add an extra Sydney Dallas flight making it a daily service.  From October 15 Airbus A330s will replace Boeing 767-300s on 24 services a week between Perth and Melbourne.
  • Hawaiian Airlines will commence 3 times a week service between Brisbane and Hawaii  from November 27 2012.  This will add an extra 40 000 seats a year in to and out off Brisbane airport.
  • Qatar Airways will commence a three times a week service between Perth and Doha using Boeing 777 aircraft from July 3 2012.  The route will become a daily service from December 1st 2012.  This is in addition to the current daily service to Melbourne.
  • Singapore Airlines have announced plans to increase the number of weekly services to Australia from 102 to 112 a week.  Whilst most of the expansion will focus on Brisbane and Perth, Adelaide will also receive an increase in services from 7 a week to 10 a week. for Qantas media release. for Hawaiian Airlines media release. for Qatar Airways media release. for information on Singapore Airlines expansion plans. for further information on Qantas expansion plans.