The Sydney Daily Telegraph is reporting the South Australian Museum at Port Adelaide will be among the first in Australia to receive a F-111 jet.  The F-111 , affectionately nicknamed the Pig , was part of the Australian Defence Force for almost 40 years.

Museum President David Byrne said the fighter jet would be a "very strong acquisition" for the museum, which was successful after an eight-month application process.  The retired jet will arrive in 2013.

He said the board had been filling in forms since February and had to prove the plane would be looked after.

"The F-111 was simply such an iconic aircraft because so many people recognise it and know it," Mr Byrne said.

"We have nothing like it at all in our collection."

F-111s were part of the Australian Defence Force for almost four decades, from 1973 until 2010, when they were replaced by a squadron of Super Hornets. for copy of media item. for link to museum website.