The International Air Transport Association (IATA), the international association for airlines, and Airports Council International (ACI), the international body representing airports, this month released reports predicting further growth in aviation particularlyin the Asia-Pacific region.

IATA has forecast better profitability for the world's airlines, revising its June 2012 forecast of US$3 billion to now US$4.1 billion for this year.  IATA expects profits for 2013 to improve further, with US$7.5 billion in profits forecast.  The profits are expected to be supported by forecast lower oil prices, faster growth and upward GDP forecasts.

ACI is reporting airports in the Asia Pacific region recorded a 6.6 per cent growth in passenger traffic during August, which contributed to year to date growth rate for the region of 7.8 per cent.  The three busiest airports by passenger numbers are Beijing, Tokyo Haneda and Hong Kong. for IATA media release for ACI Asia Pacific report.