IFATCA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting
19th October - 21st October, Wellington, New Zealand


The 34th IFATCA Asia Pacific Regional meeting will be hosted by the New Zealand Air Line Pilots’ Association in Wellington, New Zealand from 19-21 October 2017. Nearly 150 Air Traffic Controllers will be attending to discuss important issues that affect air safety and efficiency.

IFATCA, The International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations represents more than 50,000 professional Air Traffic Controllers from more than 100 countries. The increase in air traffic in the Asia Pacific region is forecast to be significantly higher than any other region in the world for the next 10 years – IFATCA and its members are ready to be part of this exciting period of growth and look forward to working with our partners as we enhance our already highly efficient, safe and reliable air traffic systems to meet this increased demand.

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