The 6th March saw the launching of the Global Alliance of ATC unions at the World ATM in Madrid, Spain.

The Global Air Traffic Controllers Alliance is a coalition of labour unions representing aviation safety professionals from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Spain and New Zealand. Civil Air already shares MOUs with most of these ATC Unions; this Alliance strengthens the ties we have achieved through those individual MOUs by establishing a collective alliance to speak with one voice on a range of subjects.

Increasing liberalisation and commercialisation of Air Traffic services, together with new technologies are changing the nature of air traffic management and the structures of companies that provide ATC services. Many ANSPs have formed partnerships and alliances amongst themselves, with ATM industry companies and other stakeholders, including our customers.

It’s vital that we do the same, to ensure our voice is heard - we have a critical role to play to ensure that we uphold safety standards, hold powerful interests to account and to champion the commitment and expertise of the aviation workers we represent.

Alliance member Unions are the voices of the professionals they represent and advocate on their behalf on Safety, Industrial, Professional and Technical matters. Recognising that ATM is a global industry, the member unions of the Alliance work together to meet individual and shared challenges and raise important issues to a global audience.

The Alliance communicates with each other in a spirit of Global solidarity and Global unity.

If you have any questions about the Global Alliance please contact Scott Shallies, Vice President Communication

Civil Air

6th March 2018