The new website is now up and running. It is being hosted remotely from the Civil Air Office in the interests of security, administration and to ease the load on our email gateway.

pckeybd.jpgA big part of the transition to this new site is that all members and associates are pre-registered for the site. Most of the site is designed to only be accessible for our membership.

We have retained the members forums - however these are no longer public access. Public content will be published using different news articles and information links on our campaigns, and members of the public will be able to comment directly on these.

If you had an account and had posted previously on the forums, your content is all there still - archived - however you will now need to use your new members login and password which was mailed out to you. 

Website users may alter the way their displayed name appears when posting in the Internet Forums section - go to Forum>Profile  and you may change your name as it will appear when posting on the website. You may also elect to not display your online status to other users.

Members also now automatically have a web based email account using the same login name - all of our Bulletins and information will eventually be mailed to this account. However you can elect to have your mail forwarded to a seperate email account if you prefer. Information on how to do this is available [here] or you can change the email preferences in your profile - see explanation [here].

To log in to your @civilairmembers account click on the email login link at left, or go directly to