John Howard reveals this election's high stakes

Dear Union Member,

Last night, at a speech to big business, Mr Howard let the cat out of the bag.

Speaking about WorkChoices he said:

"If the Government is returned, then I confidently predict that the reforms that have been made over the last few years will never be dismantled.

Because by the time of the next and subsequent elections, they will have become so much part of the economic and industrial fabric of this country, that will be quite impossible."

Mr Howard and the Liberals had no mandate to introduce the IR laws. They didn't make a peep about their radical workplace changes at the 2004 election.

If we allow the Howard Government to be reelected, the existing unfair laws will be entrenched. And their workplace changes will be taken even further.

Mr Howard said, "No issue will be more keenly argued in that campaign than the fate of the Government's reforms to Australia's workplace system.
Let us understand without any ambiguity and without any polite words, but there is a very clear choice."

Yes, there is a very clear choice.

A vote for a Liberal Government is a vote for no protection from unfair dismissal. It's a vote for AWA individual contracts that cut pay and conditions and reduce time with family. A vote for the Liberal party is kissing goodbye to rights at work not just for you, but for your kids and grandkids.

Read our factsheet on the clear choice we are presented with this election. Please pass it on to your friends.

Mr Howard also told the assembled crowd of big business people:

"If the Government is defeated and the reforms are over-turned, I do not believe a future government of my persuasion will again be able to re-introduce those reforms."

Please tell your friends, family, and everybody you know that this election, there is indeed a clear choice.

Making the Howard Government's WorkChoices our new reality - or getting rid of them forever.

Many thanks,

Greg Combet, Sharan Burrow,
and the Rights at Work campaign team

PS: You might like to watch this 30 second clip that explores the experiences of three generations of Australian workers. Something is wrong in our society when a grandson has fewer rights at work than his granddad